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The Only Independent Peer-Reviewed Human Trial Studies on A Specific Weight Loss and Health Protocol (R2M Protocol) On Diet & Health

Backed by Two New Peer-Reviewed Human Trial Studies on Diet & Health, We understand that you value thorough research, and we’re here to deliver.

Dr. Paul Arciero

Dr. Paul Arciero, one of the top nutritional researchers in the world for nearly 40 years, warns against weight loss protocols lacking peer- reviewed human trial science backing them. He proves the R2M Protocol as a weight loss solution used and proved incredibly effective in his recent peer-reviewed human trials. These studies are compared to previous results in both weight loss and improved health from nearly four decades of analyzing diet programs and approaches.

“I have been looking for the magic bullet for weight loss and to maximize our quality-of-life potential for 40 years, and now I have found it.”

He exclusively recommends the R2M Protocol, which incorporates Intermittent Nutritional Fasting® (not intermittent fasting or fasting) and Protein Pacing®. These elements have been proven to be safe and effective in his published peer-reviewed human trial studies that analyzed the R2M Protocol’s Intermittent Nutritional Fasting® and Protein Pacing®.

Dr Arceiro Interviews about R2M

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Peter Greenlaw

Peter Greenlaw, researcher of researchers, has shared valuable insights through co-authored books and over 1,500 global lectures. He introduced The TDOS Syndrome®, linking toxicity, nutrition deficiency, overweight, and stress to energy, sleep, stress, and weight gain

“You do not know how bad you feel, until you realize how good you can feel.”

The Greenlaw Report, featuring health scientists, medical experts, and the top nutritional researchers in the world. He is a frequent guest on various media platforms, including ABC Windy City Live and Fox Los Angeles. Also have appeared 20 times on PBS.

Nutrition Journal

Discover groundbreaking insights from the Arciero Nutrition Journal study.

Obesity Journal

Explores a comprehensive study comparing the Heart Healthy Diet (Mediterranean Diet Basically) compared to the peer-reviewed human trials of the r2m protocol.

Journal of The American Medical Association

Discover a 12 Month Study analyzing all diets by name. The results were very poor with an average weight loss on all diets of only 16 lbs. in a year.

Journal of The American Medical Association peer-reviewed study of 27 different studies of over 7000 people. The studies analyzed results of almost every diet program available today. The 12-month studies yielded a very unimpressive 16 lbs. lost in a year. Compared to the Nutrition and Obesity Journal studies 16 Ibs. in 30 days and with no exercise they reduced visceral fat 33% in 8 weeks. In addition, researchers saw dramatic reductions in blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and inflammation in 30 days. The need for insulin went down by a staggering 41% in 30 days.

After these scientific results it seems obvious that Dr. Arciero’s Studies that analyzed this revolutionary new R2M protocol would be the only approach you would want to use to lose weight and improve your health by diminishing the impact of the five factors that make you Metabolically Unhealthy quickly and safely.

Weight loss

Weight loss (NJ) 16 Ibs. in 30 days compared to 16 Ibs. in 1 year (AS) twelve times faster than (JAMA) 80% women and 20% men (no one was allowed to exercise) and people gained 6 to 9% lean muscle compared to where participants (on all diet programs) lost lean muscle mass.

Lean Muscle Mass

(NJ) people gained 6% to 9% lean muscle compared to (JAMA) where participants lost lean muscle mass.

Metabolic Factors

Delve into Dr. Paul Arcieros peer-reviewed studies, spanning one to two months, comparing results in Nutrition Journal, Obesity Journal, and the Journal of the American Medical Association over 12 months.

Additional Notable Results

In addition to the remarkable weight loss, participants in the Arciero experienced the following improvements

Comperative Results

An eight-week R2M study published in the Obesity Journal (OJ) outperformed a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) using the popular Heart Healthy Diet (HHD) (which is based on the Mediterranean Diet).

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