What If Everything You Knew About Weight Loss and Health Was Wrong?

Discover the Latest Scientific Breakthrough That’s Shocking the Medical World! These studies will change everything you thought you knew about diet, nutrition, and exercise. 

Exploring The Advantages Of

The R2M Protocol offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to naturally detoxify and revitalize the body. This protocol stands out for its unique blend of natural ingredients from North America, and advanced nutrient-dense foods from all over the world. This revolutionary new approach is based on Intermittent Nutritional Fasting® (not intermittent fasting or fasting) and Protein Pacing®. The key is in nutritional density as the body does not run on calories but instead on the nutrition inside the calories. It is crucial to make every calorie count. The daily schedules of what you consume, how much you consume, and a very specific timeline of when you consume were developed by the world’s leading nutritional scientists after 40 years of research.

Trimming Body Fat

Trimming Visceral Body Fat by 33% in 8 weeks to attain a leaner, healthier you. You don't just lose pounds you also lose inches. Note: Participants in the studies were not allowed to exercise, because that would affect the overall result.

Stable Blood Sugar

R2M Protocol achieves a significant 6.2% reduction in diabetes participants' blood sugar levels and a drop in the need for insulin by 41% in 30 days.

Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid Safe Weight Loss in peer- reviewed human trial studies. Participants achieved an impressive 16-pound weight loss in just 30 days that took 12 months in studies of other traditional diet weight loss programs. These results were achieved despite the fact participants were not allowed to exercise. Yet, they gained 6 to 9% lean muscle which on diets the majority of what you lose is lean muscle.

Optimized Cholesterol

Achieve cardiovascular wellness with optimized cholesterol levels, empowering your heart health journey. In the peer-reviewed human trial studies the results after just 30 days shocked the researchers. Cholesterol (fat lipids) was reduced by 15%. LDL bad cholesterol was reduced by 13%. Triglycerides were reduced by 24% all down in a month.

Enhanced Energy

The peer-reviewed human trial participants also experienced more energy, less fatigue, which is a testament to the program. Significant reductions in stress were a common result for participants. Journal of The American Medical Association 12-month study of over 48 studies and 7286 people showed mediocre results.

Optimized Digestion

R2M Protocol's meal plan is crafted for healthy digestion, and efficient elimination, by the world's leading nutritional researchers. Researchers observed a massive increase in good gut bacteria of the microbiome. In peer-reviewed human trial studies published in Nature Communications, and Frontiers in Nutrition.

What we have done so far

Over two decades, working with some of the top medical doctors, geneticists, molecular biologists, and nutritional researchers, they helped us to develop the Blueprint for Success. The Blueprint shows you step by step, with text and videos, how to create results that no diet has ever produced. The Blueprint teaches you that 50% of success is what you consume from the grocery store, and the other 50% is when you consume foods that are sourced from all over the world.

Note: The Blueprint for Success shows you exactly what was done in the peer-reviewed human trials where participants safely lost weight in 30 days compared to 12 months on traditional diets.

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How to Do the R2M Protocol

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This is a step by step explanation of what they did to achieve the extraordinary weight loss and health results doing the r2m protocol proven in the peer-reviewed human trials. The Blue Print For Success Is Your Guide To Extraordinary Safe Rapid Weight Loss And Health.

60 minutes that will change your Life

An extraordinary interview with the world’s leading nutritional researcher for nearly 40 years.

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These Results Speak For Themselves!

Notice the lack of loose skin in the after pictures.

Just Give Us 30 Days

For A Rapid Transformation

Backed by peer-reviewed human trial studies, participants lost weight in one month that typically takes 12 months on diets. No one was allowed to exercise, yet people gained, not lost, 6 to 9% lean muscle mass. Participants also saw significant reductions in cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, and triglycerides within 30 days, and inflammation went down 25% in the same period. Visceral toxic fat was reduced by 33% in 8 weeks. People saw significant improvements in their gut health (their microbiome). These results have never been seen before in nearly 40 years of research on diets or nutrition.

Begin your journey by filling out the simple contact form. It will set you up for a free personalized consultation to answer your questions about how the r2mprotocol could change the rest of your life.

Start Your Health Journey Now

TDOS Syndrome® (Toxicity, Nutritional Deficiency, Overweight, and Stress) is robbing us of our health, and it’s a major reason why 80% of Americans are overweight, 50% are obese, 50% of kids are overweight, and 25% are obese. Additionally, 50% of Americans are pre-diabetic, and 9 out of 10 are considered metabolically unhealthy if they have three of these conditions: overweight, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high triglycerides. In the peer-reviewed human trial studies, all five of those factors came down significantly within 30 days. Do you think we need the New Health Conversation®?

“Most people do not know how bad they feel until the realize how good they are about to feel.”

Peter Greenlaw

Studies by Dr. Arciero & Others

Nutrition Journal study compared 2 days of intermittent nutritional fasting using the r2m protocol to 1 day of Intermittent nutritional fasting.

Comparison of 8 weeks of protein pacing with nutritional fasting using the r2m protocol versus heart healthy Mediterranean-style diet on body composition and cardio-metabolic health outcomes (NO exercise). Groups were matched for total calorie intake and physical expenditure. The r2m protocol results in comparison to the Mediterranean Diet.

Comparison of 8 weeks of protein pacing with nutritional fasting (r2m protocol) versus the heart-healthy Mediterranean-style )diet on gut microbiome health outcomes. Both groups were matched for total calorie intake and physical expenditure.

Comparable Studies

The comparison between the R2M protocol studies published in the Nutrition Journal, Obesity Journal, and Nature Communications, compared to the meta-analysis from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the New England Journal of Medicine studies on well-known diets, highlights significant differences in outcomes regarding weight loss and improvements in various health markers. 

Discover a 12 Month Study analyzing all diets by name. The results were very poor with an average weight loss on all diets of only 16 lbs. in a year. Note: The Journal of The American Medical Association Study was not conducted by Dr. Arciero. It was done by the American Journal of Medicine.

This was a 12-month study broken into two groups. Group #1 reduced calories (as in most traditional diets) Group # 2 did Time-Restricted Eating where they did not eat for 16 hours and ate in an 8-hour window. This is known as the 16-8 diet.

Results after 68 weeks were as follows:

The Dieting Dilemma

Can any diet lead to weight loss? Yes, but recent peer-reviewed trials show it’s often water and muscle loss, which isn’t ideal. In contrast, the r2mprotocol, backed by peer-reviewed human trial studies, focuses on optimizing calorie quality rather than quantity. Participants, without exercise, gained 6 to 9% lean muscle mass—a feat not seen with traditional diets. Notably, this protocol aids in toxin removal from visceral fat and mitigates the effects of TDOS Syndrome.

The Food Crisis​

Food today is calorically dense and almost nutritionally bankrupt. The r2mprotocol is based not on how many calories but on the nutritional density of the calories. Instead of counting calories make every calorie count.

Traditional diets frequently result in unsustainable weight loss and subsequent weight regain of fat. Much of the weight lost during these diets comprise lean muscle mass. This muscle loss forces the body to decrease its metabolic rate, contributing to the common phenomenon of weight regain following diet completion.

Diets can create unhealthy relationships with food because we have been told it is all about calories. No, it is about the nutrition in the calorie that matters. The wrong calories from sugar and simple carbs addict people to food.

Diets (because weight loss is primarily lean muscle) negatively affect metabolism, contributing to long-term health issues instead of sustainable weight loss.

Diets restrict essential nutrients, potentially leading to deficiencies and compromising overall well-being. The body never craves calories because it does not know what a calorie is. The body is craving nutrition when we are hungry.

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